world Bodypainting festival rebrand



For this student project, I was tasked with choosing an international event and completely overhaul their branding. In my research, I stumbled upon the World Bodypainting Festival, a competition and convention that takes place annually in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Bodypainting, while extremely design and fine-art-centric, often gets very little recognition from the fine arts community; the old stigma surrounding tattoos and other body modification negatively affects this industry, and in turn this event. To combat that, I wanted to develop a sleek and contemporary branding scheme that showcases the World Bodypainting Festival as a hotpsot for creatives and creative professionals.


I began by designing a new logo and establishing a few key design elements. I chose to keep the logo simple, and contrast it with vibrant colors and visual representations of body art.


traditional media

After a design system was established, I set to work on applying this system to a series of promotional items for the event. I first created two posters for subway stations or other public transit in order to draw attention to the event. For the event itself, I designed event passes guests will wear as proof-of-entry. As the festival creates space for bodypainting vendors to sell products, I designed a tote for guests to purchase to hold their various items. To garner post-event advocacy, I designed sticker and t-shirt merchandise items guests can take home.


digital media

The World Bodypainting Festival currently has a website that is fairly standard, and doesn't really reflect the unique and artistic nature of the event. In designing a new app and website, I aimed to emulate my design system and revitalize their web presence into the 21st century. I drew inspiration from more avant-garde approaches to Web/UX design, with an unconventional layout to match this unique event. Below are screen-captures of the WBF app, and a link to a basic demo using Marvel App. You'll also see the individual site pages of the rebranded website, with the demo animation at the top of this page.