wallpaper* brand identity



For this project, I created a brand identity spot for Wallpaper* magazine. This company uses its website and publication to celebrate art, design, and culture from different places around the world. With such a clean and sleek style, the brand identity had to reflect the company's creativity while also maintaining its sophistication.

I took inspiration from the photos used with their articles; often sleek and minimal, Wallpaper focuses on the beauty of form over everything else. Their tagline, "the stuff that refines you," also resonated with me as a key representation of what they are trying to showcase to the world. To create this piece, I played with abstracting the type not only in the tagline, but also in blocks of texts from a couple of their articles. I used photos showcased by Wallpaper I felt showed the range of their brand, and laid it all out in a highly graphic style. Using quick beat that was strong and fast-paced offered the opportunity for an intensely synesthetic experience that truly expresses the power and importance of good design.


Style Frames