'Stomping Out Social Apathy'



In a time where many are divided by beliefs or opinions, it can be tempting to want to stay out of the conversation, avoiding unnecessary confrontations and keeping out of problems that seem to be without solutions. The aim of this piece is encouraging those to start that conversation: to explain the importance of knowing where you stand, and introduce simple ways to begin to be conscious of the world outside of our own personal experiences.

The goal was to make this infopiece identifiable and sweet- the swirling shapes and exclamation points, bright color palette, and charming characters turn a call for activism into a short and digestible cartoon. Wanting to give a nod to the PSA Cartoons of the 50s, I gave the characters a very classic cartoon style and the whole piece a light grain overlay.

Both fun and informational, this piece aims to reach further into an audience that tends to ignore politically-charged works similar to this one. The overall goal is taking the unpleasantness out of starting conversations like these, and encouraging others to do the same.

Style Frames