'Solo, Duet, Trio'



This piece was a collaboration effort between myself and fellow motion designers, Augustus Rachels and Robyn Whaples. Our task was to pick a theme in three parts, and bring those three parts together as a group; the theme we chose do embody was the characteristics of the solo, the duet, and the trio. Each grouping comes with its own pros and cons, and we hoped to conceptually explore those with our designs. Gus created the design and animation for the Solo, Robyn for the Duet, and I the trio.

The first step was to think of the specific traits and connotations of each group/non-group dynamic. For the individual, we thought of the isolation and emptiness that comes with being alone, but also the independence and freedom of expression. With a pair of two, there is dependability and support, accepting the give and take and complimenting each other's strengths and weaknesses. A group of three offers more structure, a compromise between the one and two, and a more intricate level of teamwork and cohesion.

Next, we searched for music that we thought could best express the characteristics we conceptualized. Each arrangement corresponds with the groupings accordingly; the solo is a classical solo guitar piece ("Asturias" by Isaac Albeniz), the duet is a romantic arrangement done by two cellists ("Shape of My Heart" by 2CELLOS), and the trio is an upbeat combination of harp, violin, and percussion ("The Eggshell Brewery/Up the Lum" by the Rachel Newton Trio). We edited the arrangements together in a way that resembled an orchestral piece with 3 separate movements, bringing them together but not trying to completely unify them.

For the design, the three of us came up with an expanding color scheme. Each new movement brought in another color.


We each came up with a design direction for our movements, and thought of ways to transition one section to the next.

Original Style Frames


From there, we each explored the concept behind our numbers individually, and designed the sections to express accordingly. The transitions, animated by Robyn, seamlessly flow one design to the next, and the end of the video also transitions back to the beginning, creating a perfect loop.

For the Trio, my design started with the simplicity and balance of the equilateral triangle. Throughout the movement, the inner workings of the geometry gets more and more complex, building up to the last stroke of the final note. This piece was animated primarily in Adobe After Effects, but also utilized compositing assets created in Cinema 4D to bring an extra dimension to the final movement. What took priority for me was a perfect synchronization between sound and visuals. In order to completely capture the complexity of the trio, I tried to accentuate every beat with its own corresponding motion. As a result, my section brings and exciting conclusion to the piece.

Final Frames- Trio