Public Service Announcement
for "Rock the Vote"



This was a project with the requirements to pick a nonprofit organization, and create a 30 second type-driven Public Service Announcement based on their cause. The nonprofit I chose was "Rock the Vote," whose aim is to get young people (particularly between the ages of 18-24) more interested and active in politics. A part of their site I found particularly interesting is a feature that allows you to input your zip-code and email address in order to get notifications every time there is a federal, state, or local election for your area. While many people tend to turn up for presidential elections, it's much more difficult to get participation at the municipal level. Many people don't realize that, with the proper turnout, these elections can cause a ripple effect that has the power to enact real positive change.

This is a subject that has for a while now been very important to me. As someone who used to be ambivalent about politics, I realized that the many problems our country is facing are not hopeless, so long as people take an active role in promoting change. I've done another piece along the same line, "Stomping Out Social Apathy," and I hope that my motion media work can/has inspired a greater investment in our world.

With a lot to say and a short period of time, I condensed my script as much as I can without leaving out helpful or relevant information. I realized how short 30 seconds really was, and was able to adjust accordingly.

To create this PSA, I used primarily Adobe After Effects, with the incorporation ofsome assets from Illustrator and Cinema 4d. The color scheme was an obvious red, white, and navy blue, altered to fit the design and existing logo, and the font was a standard serif with some fun modifications, PBS Explorer Regular. I wanted to create a continuous point of visual interest, so I incorporated a line (first navy, than red) that moves throughout the piece, giving you something to follow. At the very end, the line becomes a part of the logo reveal. With every project comes surprising challenges, such as syncing cameras and shape layers, but it's always very satisfying to see everything come together.

Special thanks to Andrew Youso for the voice narration.


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