Food Network Bumper



For this class project, we were given the task of researching the Food Network, and coming up with a concept to best exemplify the network in a 15-second bumper.

My concept rests upon the ability of food to foster joy,  community, and connections. To do this, I collected and shot a variety of pictures of people coming together to enjoy food. Some shots were individual, some were 2-3 pictures put together to create a mini stop-motion-like effect. Every person shown is also a friend or family member, bringing a fun personal twist to my execution of the concept.

The audio includes clips of a speech from Karen Hickson-Smith, manager of a charity with the goal of supporting the development of young children, as well as interviews with Food Network icons Ina Garten and Guy Fieri. Each clip emphasizes the ability food, or eating food together, has to create an environment of sharing and togetherness.

I picked a color scheme that was bright and fun, and offered plenty of contrast throughout. Using masks and more masks, a continuous transition to brings the collage of photos together into one large community of people brought together with the power of food.

Style Frames