'Atlanta Clips'



These clips were a series of exercises in compositing frame-by-frame animation over live action footage, and also developing skills in liquid motion. I picked the city of Atlanta, Georgia as inspiration because of its currently thriving music and arts culture; I wanted to bring the city to life with bright colors and wacky animation. Each clip brings the existing space into a world of fantasy, revealing a new side of the city that's often overlooked.

I made the trip up to Atlanta and spent the day searching the city for good sites and clips. All the shots were filmed on an LG G5 for a loose, DIY look. While shooting, I started to think about the possibilities each clip could offer. After color-correcting the footage for a more cohesive and lively look, I began to animate.

All animations started in Photoshop, rotoscoping frame by frame for the basic look I wanted. I then took all the files as assets into After Effects, where I added some additional motion and sound effects. It was a great learning experience understanding the variables live action adds to a motion piece, and it's definitely something I'd like to work more with in the future.

Style Frames